Families chosen to provide services for MillarRich, L.L.C. receive coaching based on a curriculum designed to produce quality outcomes for individuals served. Some of the coaching lessons taught include: relationship development, teaching new skills, choices and individual growth and development. Following each coaching lesson, the elements taught to the Lifestyle Teachers are evaluated to ensure implementation through a series of quality evaluation tools. All state standards are evaluated on a regular basis and progress towards reaching the goal of "Meeting Standards" or "Exceptional" is graphed monthly through a little program we call ISOX.


MillarRich is as close to 100% paperless as you can get and all Family Lifestyle Teachers are coached on all of our online documentation systems. All individual records are stored in a secure, online documentation manager and our daily documentation system that we use, TherapServices, is currently utilized in over 45 states as well as two Canadian provinces. TherapServices allows our talented, administrative staff to keep up with reading daily notes, daily so that we are familiar with what is occurring in each of our homes. Our online, cutting edge documentation systems have allowed MillarRich the opportunity to expand to remote areas and in areas that are widespread throughout the Middle Tennessee region while still maintaining high standards of quality services. MillarRich was most recently recognized as a four star agency on our 2014 annual Quality Assurance survey, so the State of Tennessee appears to agree that we do, in fact, provide quality services!


Being a Lifestyle Teacher is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding careers a person can have! Together with our talented, administrative staff we have quite a team. MillarRich Family Lifestyle Teachers come from varied backgrounds, but all have the desire to work with individuals with intellectual disabilities. If you are curious about this position and its responsibilities, then please contact us for more information.


Alternatively, if you have a loved one you think would be suited for the Family Lifestyle Model then please contact us for a full consultation.

Coaching Supports 

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